Cataracts treatment

When the condition appears the most popular cataract treatment is to get prescription eye glasses, and to minimize the annoying consequences in the daily activities to set up brighter lightning system at our working area and use magnifying glasses.

If that doesn’t work, there is no way around, but to perform cataracts surgery, which consist in the definitive removal of the cataract.

The decision about which cataract treatment you get, should be taken by you and your doctor, being important for you to evaluate  the pros and cons of the different treatments available, and also not less important, the budget necessary to get each individual procedure done. This decision is not needed to be taken in a hurry, because normally the postponement of it will not have any negative consequences.

Cataracts Symptoms

Cataract symptoms are different depending of the type of cataracts that is affecting the person, and the timing of the appearance of them will be also different according to the kind of illness.

Some sort of cataracts (nuclear cataracts) can make even feel to the people that they have improved their near vision for a short period of time, and others like subcapsular cataracts doesn’t present any visible symptom until the condition is quite advanced.

Blurriness in your vision is one of the first symptoms that appear when you are affected by cataracts, feeling that you are looking to a cloudy day.

Natural Cataract Treatment

The best natural treatment for cataracts is have a healthy life, and for example quit smoking and have good nutrition.

For starters, there is a lot of information that point out the great results that come out when people enhance the consumption of antioxidants like vitamins E and C to fight cataracts. Other antioxidants that are thought to help in the treatment of cataracts are zeaxanthin, and lutein.

Researches have concluded that vitamin C is a big factor in the prevention of both, nuclear and cortical cataracts. More studies suggest that the continuous and prolonged intake of vitamin E and C can slow down the evolution of nuclear cataracts.

The carotenoids that we have in our eyes, zeaxanthin and Lutein are nutrients that can be of great help in reducing the risk of been affected by cataracts. Researchers have found that consume about 6 mm daily  of these nutrients have far less probabilities to have a surgery to treat cataracts .

Surgical Cataract Treatment

Surgical Cataract consist in the removal and replacement of the natural lens of the eye, due that it has become clouded. These replacements can be made from different non-reactive materials, like silicone, acrylic or PMMA. The singularity of the artificial lenses is that like the natural ones they have refractive capability, which is a feature that is necessary to focus images and lights on the retina.

The great characteristic that the result of cataracts surgery shows is that the artificial lenses beyond to be permanent, improve vision in a dramatic way, and even don’t need any special caring.

Artificial lenses can also be multi focal and can help to correct entirely or diminish the effect of several conditions like: Astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia.

The surgical procedure normally takes about one hour, don’t require staying at the hospital overnight, and is performed with the use of local anesthesia only.

Types of Cataract Treatment: Surgery

Small incision cataract surgery:Is the inclusion of a minuscule ultrasound emitter probe that disintegrates the lenses in order to be removed. This is a popular and modern procedure which is named phacoemulsification.

Extracapsular surgery: Is the removal of the whole lens core without break-up and across a large incision in the cornea.It Is more common to see this procedure used with people that have such an advanced cataracts conditions that is impossible to use phacoemulsification to solve their problem.

Congenital Cataracts Treatment

Cataract treatment for kids with congenital cataracts is more urgent that the one that is used with adults, because any delay in the surgical procedure can result in defective vision forever. The lack of opportune treatment can provoke that the development of the vision in children can be never completed. In adults, treatment can be delayed for long time, but on the flip side in many minors the damage of a delayed treatment is irreversible. Also a consideration that is needed when you have a child with this problem is that the family has to be involved in the process of helping the kid to get the treatment adequately.

Alternative Cataract Treatment

Holistic Treatment For Cataracts

The holistic cataract treatment consist in trying to detox your body and change habits like smoking.Also relaxation is important to keep the health of your eyes in good shape.. Diet is also part of these kind of treatment , and consume vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C is very useful to fight cataracts. Exercise is also good because it helps to stimulate circulation and also promote the activity of the metabolism.

Cataracts Treatment Cost

When people refer to cost of cataracts treatment, normally is talking about cataracts surgical treatment. The cost of this kind of surgery in the USA for a people without insurance normally varies from about $3500 to $7000 for each eye.

Of course the cost of the procedure depends on several choices that have to be made by the patient. The main factors that will influence the cost of a cataract surgery are:

The technology that is utilized for the procedure, the material and kind of artificial lens that is used in the implant, and obviously the expertise of the specialist that perform the surgery.

In reality most of the people in the USA have access to some type of insurance ,and even the surgery can be made without expenses for many person, depending of the coverture that they have in their insurance contract.

Video-Cataract Treatment: Laser Surgery

Recap About Cataract Treatment

A cataract treatment is a procedure that doesn’t involve surgery necessarily ,and can be avoided by the healthy lifestyle that is required to avoid many condition like this. Diet and exercise are factors that are basic to avoid procedures that can be annoying and onerous, like surgery. Alternative treatments exist, but the surgery of the cataracts these days is a simple procedure that take less than an our and doesn’t require to be at the hospital. In case that alternative treatments doesn’t work, the only way to repair the condition is surgery.