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What Is Pink Eye?

Before talking about essential oils for pink eye is better to learn the nature of the condition. Pink eye or conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eyes, normally due to several  causes like bacteria viruses, or allergy. The eyes may become irritated because a negative reaction to mold, dirt, or maybe pollen, and may be inflamed by the action of air pollution. People can also experience irritation due to a common cold or an outbreak of measles, some ultraviolet light of high intensity, exposure to a solar lamp in the solarium or even the sun reflected in the snow which irritates this area of the eye.
In certain cases, conjunctivitis can last for months or years.There are kinds of conjunctivitis that can be caused by sensitivity to certain chemicals, processes in which the eyelid is twisted causing problems with tear ducts,, exposure to irritating substances and infection caused by bacteria especially by chlamydia.

To understand the condition is useful to know that the conjunctiva contains small blood vessels that look like thin red lines on the  white of the eye, and when get inflamed, shows a reddish appearance to the eye.

Are Essential Oils For Pink Eye safe?

Doctors can not do a lot to cure a viral infection. Viruses normally die itself. The doctor may advice to use OTC saline eye drops to diminish annoying symptoms.You can also find some alternative home remedies that can help to avoid an excess of discomfort. Also  you can do to prevent transmission to others. Essential oils, however, are not a safe or effective treatment for pink eye.

Essential oils are the result of the extraction of natural chemicals from certain flowers or plant, using either vapor or pressure. The oils keep medicinal compounds and plant aromas. Essential oils are heavily concentrated which help to leverage the therapeutic effect of the plant itself.

Essential oils have been used in popular medicine for a long time and after been ignored for ages by the modern western medicine, now are calling the attention of the general public. But the drawback is that much more research is needed to guarantee their safety.

It is important to underline that essential oils are not safe or effective against pink eye, and is strongly recommended to avoid putting them in or around your eyes.

Even though several oils have healing properties and regularly are used to treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections, at the moment there is no scientific evidence that suggest that essential oils can help pink eye, and even when diluted, essential oils can cause pain, burning or irritation.

Essential Oils For Pink Eye Alternatives

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

The symptoms of conjunctivitis are recognized immediately as the eye reddens and tears more. There is also burning and the sensation of having a foreign body inside the eye. Sensitivity to light is another of the symptoms of this condition and it is often necessary to wear glasses that protect the eye from sunlight or ambient light. On the other hand, if the infection is bacterial, the eye discharges yellow or green mucous membranes, mostly at night, which can stick the eyelashes.

The clinical diagnosis of conjunctivitis is, based on the following symptoms and the patient’s history (for example, contact with previously ill people or with allergens or topical medications that may cause them):

– Eye redness.

– Slight photophobia.

– Sensation of grit or foreign body under the eyelid and tearing that acts as a defense measure trying to wash the conjunctiva and drag the harmful agents.

– Conjunctival secretion. The eyelids and eyelashes can get stuck when the secretions dry, forming a kind of scab.

Substitutes of Essential oils For Pink Eye

Home remedies help a lot to relieve symptoms while we go to the doctor, and they are effective, but only as methods to treat conjunctivitis and relieve discomfort, but not to cure them and eliminate them at the root.

Some ideas to help the conditions at home are:

We put water to heat, when it breaks to boil we put in a cup or glass, and we put an envelope of chamomile infusion. Cover and let cool. Then, we wet a cotton pad or gauze, and apply it to the infected eye. This is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy that can decrease inflammation in the eyes. In addition, chamomile also has antiseptic properties, so it is perfect for cleaning the eyes if they have excess blemishes from infection. It should be done about three times a day. We will notice significant relief in the eyes as we continue with this remedy.

Cold water cools the eye and relieves the stinging caused by conjunctivitis. We perform the same operation, wetting a cotton pad or sterile gauze with cold water, and applying them to the eye.
Another effective home method is the application of fresh carrot slices in the eye. The carrot has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. If we have a blender, we can squeeze a carrot, wet with a sterile cotton pad and gauze, and place over the eye.

Green tea is one of the most effective home remedies to treat conjunctivitis. Its active ingredients are capable of reducing inflammation and irritation, and its antioxidant substances help to disinfect the affected area. We can perform the same operation as with chamomile, and then apply with a cotton pad or sterile gauze.
And what will never fail to relieve the discomfort of any type of conjunctivitis is the physiological serum bought in pharmacies

Video Tutorial-Allergic Conjunctivitis

Avoid Using Essential Oils For Pink Eye In Toddlers

We cannot emphasis enough that the use of essential oils to treat pink eye in toddlers or infants is absolutely not advisable.

Toddlers showing symptoms of pink eye must consult a specialist as soon as possible because bacterial infections in their eyes can be very dangerous.

Pink eye is of common appearance in children of short age and frequently spreads quickly in babysitting facilities and classrooms. Nevertheless the conditions cannot be avoided when started, doctors may advice the prescription of antibiotic drops or saline tears.