What Everybody Ought to Know About Bionic Lenses

If you are tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses and want to have “super vision”, you will be interested to know about an all new intraocular lens (IOL) recently developed by a Canadian optometrist. Dr. Garth Webb says that his new lens can restore quality to close vision and far vision following a simple, painless in-office procedure. In fact, Dr. Webb says that his all new Ocumetics Bionic Lens can potentially improve your vision up to three times greater than 20/20.

This groundbreaking IOL is made of a biocompatible polymeric material that is inert and never has to be replaced. It provides camera-like optics that allow you to quickly shift your focal point from optical infinity to extremely close range. In fact, wearers may be able to shift focus faster than the brain is able to process the shift.

Dr. Webb has devoted eight years and $3M to research and development of his new lens and to perfecting the implantation process. Surgery is simple, and the lens can be implanted using a femtosecond laser through an incision of less than 3 mm in length. The surgery takes about eight minutes.

Can This Lens Cure All Vision Problems?

Bionic lenses are intended to replace the healthy natural lens before cataracts or other problems develop. The procedure used is called refractive lens exchange (RLE). If your natural lens has already been removed, you will not be able to use this device.

This IOL is intended to permanently take the place of glasses or contact lenses. The surgeon is able to impart specific modifications to customize the lens to the needs of the patient. This allows complete vision correction and improvement.

Bionic lenses are not meant to address problems caused by cloudy corneas, severe macular degeneration or genetic retinal disease. This device is also not effective for patients suffering from brain damage that affects the visual system or vision problems caused by damaged or torn optic nerves.

Is The Bionic Lens Available Now?

In 2016, this innovation was in the late research and development phase. There must still be multiple clinical trials using both animal and human subjects. If all goes well, the lens should be approved and readily available to Canadians and Europeans within a couple of years of the outset of the final trials. It should be available to Americans a year or two later.

Animal trials have already begun, and Dr. Webb presented the results of these studies in May of 2016, to a gathering of refractive surgeons and cataract surgeons at a conference in New Orleans. At this conference, Dr. Webb also demonstrated the injection procedure.

Where Can You Get The Bionic Lens?

When the product is released, the developers will use a selection process based on referrals to identify surgeons and medical center to offer the implantation. Talk with your optometrist to determine whether you would be a good candidate for this process. If he or she is not able to perform the procedure, you will be referred to an approved surgeon if the product is right for you.

bionic lens price

The cost of the procedure will probably be a little over $3000 per eye. While this may seem steep, you must take into account the fact that you will never need to purchase glasses or contact lenses again and your everyday performance of any and all tasks will be enhanced by this groundbreaking innovation.


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  1. If I were to have the smile procedure now could I get the bionic lens when it is released commercially?

    1. Bookmark this page: https://ocumetics.com/info.update.html for future updates.

  2. Will the clinical trials ever come to an end? I had thought the lens was going to be released in 2017, then it was back to the drawing board in order to make it better for mass production. It had to under new clinical trials with the changes that were made, and those trials were suppose to start in July 2017. Those of us following this product await any news you may have for us.

  3. Hey , when this Bionic lens will be released, can you send me website or phone number to schedule the surgery, thanks

    1. Tele: 778.294.0706

      Toll-Free: 866.514.5279

      Fax: 778.294.0700

      E-mail: info@ocumetics.com


  4. I was waiting for this since couple of years ago and occulumetric company who is responsible for releasing this product stopped giving any update since last July. I am starting to believe that the device has failed the animal trial and that’s why no updates coming.

  5. Where is this product now? will it ever become available??

  6. I heard the procedure is $3.200 / eye + surgery costs – what is Surgery Cost, isn’t it included in the procedure cost?, how much more to be added to the grand cost?

  7. Since this product and or procedure are so NEW, are there enough qualified or certified optometrists to do it? — How can you tell if your optometrist is qualified for it?

  8. I have contacted them about three months ago and they told me that the estimated time for the lenses to be released is now at the end of 2019. Hopefully, they will not have more obstacles in the process of clinical trials and approvals.

  9. Has anyone been able to glean any further developments of the lens? Each time I send a message to Ocumetics website, it returns undeliverable due to the mailbox being full and not accepting any new messages.

  10. Too bad, it’s been postponed again and again, not sure if this doctor’s words can be trusted any longer.

    “..if the timeline Webb offered in an interview with Eye Design Optometry holds up, human studies will begin in July 2017, and the bionic lenses will be available to the public in March 2018.” (https://www.sci-techuniverse.com/2017/08/bionic-lenses-with-vision-3x-better.html)

  11. No Further update since July 2017. this puts a huge doubt about the technology in the near future.

  12. Want to know if this procedure is available in San Francisco ca

  13. Waiting for it since 2014…and still waiting! Could anyone please respond to this? How much longer do we need to wait for this product since I heard that only people who had never done any correction procedures, could be considered as suitable candidates. If that is actually the case, then, the product needs to become available asap. We can’t wait forever knowing that we cannot do any other correction procedures in the time being.
    How can one become a ca candidate for trail?
    Please somebody respond.


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