Laser Vision Correction Cost

Are you looking to undergo laser vision correction? If so, then it helps to have an idea about the laser vision correction cost to help you set your budget. It is also worth noting that there are several options to consider when it comes to having your vision improved, which impacts the actual cost of treatment. So, check out this post that will guide you in choosing the option suitable to your needs and budget.

Laser Vision Correction Facts

If you are thinking about undergoing LASIK treatment, you may come across varied information on the price. Moreover, the cost of the treatment tends to vary depending on the health provider. Other factors that impact the price include the extent of vision correction a patient needs, the complexity of the procedure and the type of technology used by the surgeon. Naturally, the location where you are getting this type of treatment done should also be taken into account.

Information on Laser Vision Correction Cost

Nevertheless, there is the average price of laser vision correction that you may want to know to determine if it is within your budget. For instance, the average price of this treatment is about $2,100 for each eye. The cost increases per year, and based on the factors including technology and scope of treatment.

However, at various surgery centers, particularly if a single price is provided as an estimate to patients, the cost may be a little over $2,000. This price is applicable no matter what the vision correction needs of the patient or the technology used.

For a non-customized type of LASIK treatment, particularly one that uses a type of bladed instrument, the price may be about $1,700 or more. The price may not exceed $2,000, but this procedure does not incorporate wavefront analysis to guide excimer lasers. This cost is also typical at surgery centers where multiple prices are charged to patients.

The more expensive option for laser vision correction is one that uses femtosecond laser flap. This LASIK treatment that is guided by a wavefront may cost about $2,100 per eye, or it can be higher depending on the surgery center you go.

Additional Facts about Laser Vision Correction Rates

A large percentage of refractive surgeons give patients a single-price quote, which applies to laser-based techniques. As for other surgeons, they may offer varied prices, and this depends on the technology used and scope of vision correction suitable to the needs and condition of the patient.

When to comes to single price quotes, this refers to more advanced technologies used in the treatment process. For instance, laser-created flaps and wavefront procedures that are customized to the patient’s needs tend to be priced as an extra. This means, there is an additional price added to the basic cost of laser vision correction.

If you are on a tight budget, it does not hurt to check out surgery centers that provide cheaper prices for the service they provide. There are cases when you may find coupons valid to these surgery centers, which may slash the total price up to 50 percent lower.