Top PRK Recovery Tips

PRK is the short form of photorefractive keratectomy. This is a process, which is often used as a substitute to Lasik treatment on many patients. The major troubles that patients face after the treatment is photosensitivity. If you are searching for best prk recovery tips then one such tip will be use eye drops regularly to ensure quick recovery from the condition.

An effective way to treat various eye troubles, the photorefractive keratectomy is one of the treatment methods that are considered to be the ideal alternative to Lasik treatment. This is because Lasik cannot be administered completely free of risk on patients with trouble of corneal thinness or corneal contour. However, recovery after PRK treatment requires some maintenance and attention on the part of the patient to ensure that they recover quickly. Here we are going to share some tips which if followed meticulously; the patient can recover quickly from the after effects of the treatment. Compared to Lasik treatment, the PRK treatment takes longer to heal.

What to expect

  • One of the major factors that patients experience after the treatment has been done is light sensitivity. This is a trouble that they face particularly when they are outdoors in bright light.
  • Glare and halo can appear around bright object for them. Another discomfort they can experience is itchiness. These are symptoms that are common on the initial few days after the treatment is done.

Avoid rubbing eyes at all cost

  • Rubbing your eyes vigorously should be avoided however uncomfortable and itchy your eyes feel. The healing gets hampered when you pressurize the eye tissues from outside while rubbing the eyes. The regeneration of the epithelial cells is hampered in this way.
  • Also avoid putting water on your eyes. One should be careful even while sleeping to avoid scratching or rubbing. This is why the patient is given eye shields for the first few days of healing.

Avoid sun and other irritants

  • Do not look at direct sunlight. If you go outdoors, then wear shades or hats with large brims so that your eyes are protected. This would ensure that you would not have trouble from light sensitivity.
  • Also avoid dry and smoky environment at all cost. Dust and smoke can irritate the eyes very badly. Dry environment can also trigger irritation for your eyes and hence stay away from pollution and dry and hot weather. It is better to stay indoors for at least a few days after the operation.

Carry eye drops

Since the eyes should be kept moist, the best solution would be to carry liquid tears with you, whenever you go out. The doctors also prescribe such drops. The drops are particularly helpful in emergencies when your eyes feel too dry and hence itchy.

Attend the post treatment doctor visits

As you recover from the PRK treatment, the doctor would recommend you to visit a couple of times at the clinic. The treatment procedure would be completed with these visits and hence it is highly recommended to not to skip the post treatment visits under any circumstances.