Visian ICL Review

Visian ICL (implantable Collamer lens) is a tremendous innovation in vision correction. It consists of a Collamer lens which is implantable. This soft lens is similar to a contact lens, but it can be placed in your eyes surgically to correct your vision without changing the shape of your cornea. Additionally, if your vision changes or you decide you want to use some other form of vision correction, the ICL can be removed.

Who should choose ICL?

If you are between the ages of 21 and 45 and are nearsighted but have had stable vision for the past 12 months, you would be a good candidate for ICL. This procedure can help correct low-to-high myopia very effectively, and it is an excellent choice for people who have blepharitis and/or severe dry eye.

It is important that you undergo a complete evaluation with your optometrist and/or ophthalmologist before opting for this procedure. There are some conditions that prohibit the use of ICL. Among them are:

* Extremely Severe Blepharitis or Dry Eye
* Small Anterior Chamber Depth
* Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy
* Frequently Changeable Vision
* Limited Anterior Cell Density
* History of IDC

Additionally, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby you should not opt for this procedure.

Is ICL a safe procedure?

The procedure has been available for a decade, and in that time over 500,000 people have received ICL implants. The success rate and the satisfaction rate is over 99%. It goes without saying that the procedure is safe and resoundingly successful.

Why is ICL better and other vision correction options

ICL lenses are made of a material that is composed entirely of a collagen copolymer that is completely biocompatible. This material provides safe, superior vision correction. Recipients of ICL lenses say that their vision is now sharp and clear. Furthermore, they report being very happy with the fact that their new lenses require no maintenance.

ICL lenses are removable. If your vision changes or you wishes to use a different vision correction option, the lenses can be removed quickly and easily. Advantages of choosing ICL procedure include:

* Clarity, Depth and Dimension of Vision Correction
* Excellent for Patients with Thin Corneas
* No Problem with Dry Eye Syndrome
* Greatly Improved Night Vision
* Correction of Nearsightedness
* Built-in UV Protection

Additionally, because the eye structure is not changed it is easier for your doctor to continue identifying your need for vision correction. ICL offers the ultimate in treatment flexibility.

What is ICL procedure like?

ICL procedure positions the flexible contact lens behind the eye’s iris. Once the procedure is completed, the lens is entirely invisible. This process is amazingly simple and quick. In fact, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Before commencing the procedure, your doctor will administer topical anesthesia eye-drops to make the procedure more comfortable.

Within just a few minutes, your eye surgeon will create a tiny opening in the surface of the eye and insert the lens using an injector. The lens will automatically unfold, and the procedure will be complete. You may experience a tiny amount of discomfort, but you should be able to go back to work the following day.

Are there any risks?

Just as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks; however, the risks with ICL are minimal because the shape of the eye is not changed. Furthermore, if complications do emerge, the lens can simply be removed.

Remember that success and satisfaction rate with ICL is over 99%! In rare cases when complications do occur they may consist of:

* Increase in Intraocular Pressure
* Accidental Lens Damage
* Infection
These minor problems can generally be easily corrected by your eye surgeon.

Visian ICL cost

ICL is a costly procedure at about $4000 per eye. Many people believe that the surgeon makes a huge profit on ICL, but this is not true. There are quite a few expenses involved in administering this treatment. Among them are:

1. The procedure must be performed in ambulatory surgery center which charges a fee.
2. Laser equipment must be used to create two tiny holes in the iris to prevent access it I pressure.
3. The lenses must be purchased from the manufacturer in advance of the surgery.

The surgeon pays for all of these expenses before the procedure, so it is easy to see that he or she has quite a bit of out-of-pocket expense in simply preparing for the process. Add to this the cost of anesthesia, the surgeon’s fees and processes necessary to prepare the eyes and to properly calculate the dimensions of the lenses and it is easy to see why ICL is a costly procedure.

Will insurance pay for ICL?

Because this procedure is currently considered entirely cosmetic, it is unlikely that your insurance company will pay for it. Unfortunately, the cost makes the procedure out of the reach of very many people who could greatly benefit from this procedure.

Before you give up in despair, though, check with your surgeon to see if he or she offers a payment plan. Even though ICL is considered cosmetic, the fact is the dramatic improvement in your vision and the carefree aspects of implanted lenses can greatly benefit the quality of your life.