woke up with swollen eye

Tips that will help you recover from swollen eyes after you wake up

There are many times when you woke up with swollen eye? Well, Swollen eyes from sleeping too long are a trouble that has many home remedies. You can easily manage the puffy eyes with cucumber slices. Drinking a lot of water also helps to prevent swollen eyes due to dehydration. The tea bags ensure that your eyes look bright and refreshed.

The trouble of swollen eyes is common to all of us when we oversleep. Once you wake up in the morning and see the puffiness around your eyes it often becomes rather difficult to remove it quickly. On the other hand, it does not feel nice to go out with the red and puffy eyes that make you look more tired and worn out than you are. Here we are going to share some really helpful remedies to swollen eyes so that you can quickly recover from the puffiness of your eyes in no time at all.


Using water is the best way to recovery from swollen eyes quickly.

  • One of the reasons for puffy eyes is dehydration and hence drinks plenty of water every day to ensure that your body is well hydrated and then you would not experience puffy eyes in the morning.
  • In case, your eyes do get swollen, then splash your eyes with lots of cold water and the puffiness would be reduced to great extent.


  • Place a slice of cucumber on your eyelids for 10 minutes before you go out and after you wake up. Cool the slices of the cucumber for a while and you would get better results.
  • The juice from cucumber also helps to reduce skin irritations. The juice sooths the irritated blood cells around the eyes and you can then be sure that the puffiness would get reduced soon enough.

Cold compress and ice cubes

This is a great way to reduce puffiness of the eyes quickly.

  • The ice cubes should not be used applied directly on the puffiness around the eyes. Wrap the cubes with clean and soft clothe and then dab it around the eyes.
  • Do so three to four times every day to ensure that you get complete relief. Sprinkling ice-cold water on your eyes also has similar effects.


Coriander is well known for the various medicinal properties associated with it.

  • The cooling properties of coriander is also much famed. The coriander seeds are good for treating puffiness of the eyes. The coriander seeds should be tied in a thin piece of cloth and then they should be soaked for a few hours in the water. Use the water for rinsing your eyes.
  • One can also apply the coriander bag on the eyelids. This will help to reduce the burning sensation associated with swelling.

Tea bags

Tea bags, particularly the black tea bags are suitable for reducing the puffiness of your eyes to great extent. The tea bags also help to brighten the eye quickly and help you look fresh and refreshed in minimum time.